Stranger CAN'T Stop Crying Over Flowers

I put a random call-out on Facebook asking who deserved a bouquet of flowers. It led me to Haley, a friend of a friend who lost her dad unexpectedly just months before her wedding day. Moved by her story because I had also unexpectedly lost my father, I surprised Haley with flowers and a gift. Added twist: the kind act happened in the context of a first date.

Soldier Breaks Down at Airport

The Evans family is separated by over 1,000 miles. When Bobby Evans isn't deployed, he is stationed in Tacoma, Washington while his wife Sherry and son are based in Southern California. I surprised their family with flights to reunite them for a weekend.


Their First Family Photos?

After building the Cruz family a house in Rosarito, Mexico, I surprised them with their first-ever photos together and hung them on the wall. The mother didn't have a single photo of herself, or her children, and I wanted to create something that made their house feel like a home.

7 Rejections Until ...

Watch Dan and Megan get rejected as they go door to door in Los Angeles asking their neighbors for one simple kind thing, until they meet one woman who changes everything.

$365 MILLION DOLLARS to Strangers???

Family's Best Day EVER! (Mom Surprised)