Hi I'm Megan Snedden

Former journalist turned kindness and self-love advocate.

I travel the world performing good deeds for strangers and making videos about these shenanigans in order to uplift humanity with the joy of kindness. I also host a weekly series on YouTube called Self Love Saturdays to help people experience a greater sense of life satisfaction, so they can empower themselves to overflow more love to others.

Check out the Kind Effect and Self Love Saturdays on YouTube!

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The Inspiration Behind the Kind Effect

Once upon a time I was a successful journalist who traveled around the world writing stories for major publications like BBC, the International Business Times, and National Geographic Traveler. Despite working hard to create what looked to be the dream career, I just kept coming back to one question: why does my life feel so meaningless?

As I continued to see how negative news affected my friends, I wanted to start telling the world better, more positive stories that inspired hope and called attention to the simple good things that happen every single day.

Performing acts of kindness spoke to me because at one point they made a HUGE difference in my life.

How Acts of Kindness Changed My Life

In 2011, I received the unexpected news that my father's plane had fatally crashed in the Sierra Mountains. The incident tore my life, and my family, apart. Overcome by grief, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel whole again after losing one of my best friends in a tragic way.

One day, my friend Michael showed up at my front door with a tool kit and a bottle of tequila, and he said, “I know I can’t fix this for you, but I am going to do what I can to make it better. So first, I’m going to make you a margarita, then I’m going to repair anything in the house you want.” It was a simple gesture, yet it made such a difference.

Michael’s act of kindness still reminds me that just showing up for someone in any way you know how can change another person’s life circumstance for the better. I’m on a mission to pay forward all of the kindness people showed me at one of the times in my life when I was at my worst. And honestly, I just want to share stories that make people laugh, feel connected to their hearts, and become more optimistic about their potential do good in the world despite the unpredictable turns life can take.

Have We Made Purpose Unattainable?

When I was contemplating leaving journalism, I wasn’t sure what my purpose was when that career path was the only thing I was focused on for several years. In America, at least, I think we’ve put the conception of purpose on such a high pedestal that it can feel unattainable.

What if experiencing a greater sensation of purpose in our lives comes down to doing little things regularly that make a positive impact instead of seeing it as this beaming light in the distance we could spend our life time chasing yet never catch?


How Kindness and Self Love Fit Together

While on a five-month solo backpacking trip around the world in 2018, I realized something very important:

You can only give to others at the extent to which you give to yourself.

Truthfully, I love doing acts of kindness, but I felt drained after spending so much time being other-centered because I thought being self-centered (aka being centered in yourself) was selfish. While on said backpacking trip, I lived at a Buddhist center in the Alps so I could sit silentely and listen to my heart. That’s when it came to me: self love and acts of kindness must coexist. They feed each other.

So, I spent those months investing in my emotional piggy bank — more than I’d ever invested before — in order to

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