When Ellen Gives You a Million Dollars.

In 2018, the Kind Effect was selected by producers of the Ellen Degeneres Show to be part of Ellen’s 60th birthday episode. During the show, Ellen partnered with Cheerios to give away One Million Dollars to be split among the do-gooders in her audience.


The million of course wasn’t all for me.

Alex and Heyley (featured in these photos) are the reason why the Kind Effect started, so they accompanied me to the show. Plus, we also shared Ellen’s gift with the other audience members, who were also incredibly inspiring change makers.

Watch the Video that Inspired the Kind Effect (below)

I put a random call-out on Facebook asking who deserved to be surprised with a hand-delivered bouquet of flowers. The post led me to Heyley, a friend of a friend who lost her dad unexpectedly just months before her wedding day. I was moved by her story because I had also unexpectedly lost my father, so I showed up at Heley’s door with flowers and a gift. Added twist: the kind act happened in the context of a first date.


The Evans family is separated by over 1,000 miles. When Bobby Evans isn't deployed, he is stationed in Tacoma, Washington while his wife Sherry and son are based in Southern California. I surprised their family with flights to reunite them for a weekend.


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The Kind Effect Helping Others
The Kind Effect Helping Others
the kind effect helping others