Ready to Change the World? 


The Kind Effect Needs Your Ninja Skills!

Join the movement that's making the world a kinder place, one surprised stranger at a time. 

We don’t fight fire with fire. We fight it with water.
— Fred Hampton

Today, the news is full of the same hum-drum stories that are making us all feel depressed and powerless. On top of that, there's a whole lot of sad stuff happening out there that - to a certain extent - is beyond our control. The Kind Effect, however, is a reminder that simple good things happen every day and that there are people out there who care a whole lot about others. Changing the world for the better depends upon people like us.

The goal of the Kind Effect is to ...

1. Fill news channels with positive stories that make us smile, laugh, and cry out of joy.
2. Empower people to step out of helplessness and depression by doing simple good things for others because these acts help us create a sense of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.
3. Remind people that they matter, even if we don't know them.
4. Surprise the heck out of strangers with silly shenanigans for good.
5. Uplift and inspire others by highlighting kind things other brands, organizations, and individuals are doing out there as well. 

Join the team!

Feel inspired to use your super powers for good? We're looking for awesome humans to dedicate 3 - 5 hours per week to take the Kind Effect to the next level, so this message gets in front of the eye balls of the people who really need to be uplifted. Ninjas can perform their tasks remotely, however if you are located in Los Angeles (or are willing to commute there) one day a week, you'll get not only free coffee but also in-person training and mentorship from Kind Effect Founder Megan Snedden

Public Relations Ninja

Responsibilities include:

  • Researching ways to get the word out about the Kind Effect including podcasts, public speaking, and other media opportunities  
  • Fielding HARO queries (story requests from journalists)  
  • Writing stories for viral news outlets like Bored Panda, BuzzFeed, and others 
  • Devising angles for story ideas and drafting pitches to send to editors 
  • Participating in aligned Facebook communities and their weekly posts (info will be provided) 


  • Your own laptop
  • Ability to self-manage time and deliver results according to deadlines without excuses
  • Interest in understanding how the public relations and journalistic environments work
  • A love for interacting with human beings since you'll be doing that a lot
  • Natural connector
  • A strong sense of intuition and discernment  

Send us a note via email at to apply.

YouTube & Video Ninja

Responsibilities include:

  • Designing eye-catching Youtube Thumbnails formulated to drive traffic
  • Devising irresistible, click-worthy YouTube video titles
  • YouTube community engagement
  • Researching LA-based YouTubers for potential creative collaborations
  • Editing short social media cuts of YouTube videos in Final Cut Pro x 
  • Production assistance for kindness campaigns
  • Assisting on shoots (if local or accessible to Los Angeles)
  • Use Google Keywords Planner to identify SEO-friendly tags for Youtube 
  • Get comfy creating video end cards and annotations 
  • Ability to self-manage time and deliver results according to deadlines without excuses
  • Your own laptop
  • Enthusiasm for rolling up your sleeves and diving into the nitty-gritty details  
  • Patience and enthusiasm for the minute details that make content succeed (i.e. SEO, keywording, production odds and ends) 
  • Basic knowledge of, and access to, Photoshop and Final Cut Pro x (additional training will be provided)
  • Passion for video production, filming, and editing

Send us a note via email at to apply.

Marketing Ninja

Responsibilities include:

  • Designing and scheduling posts for Instagram and Facebook in Later and Hootsuite
  • Community engagement and monitoring; meeting other change makers for collaborations
  • Learning the ins and outs of Facebook ads to help run campaigns and monitor progress
  • Tracking monthly audience growth
  • Identifying potential partnerships opportunities with brands
  • Interacting with Reddit community and sharing positive news articles to subreddits  to drive traffic to YouTube

*** If local to Los Angeles, I will also teach you photography skills in exchange for helping capture images for Kind Effect social media


  • An eye for design and basic understanding of maintaining a consistent brand image
  • A witty sense of humor and a compassionate heart
  • Strong writing and communicational skills
  • Creative thinking with a love for the phrase, "wouldn't it be cool if ..."
  • Patience for the nitty-gritty details of running successful social media (i.e. scheduling posts, data entry, news monitoring)
  • Basic knowledge of apps like Wordswag, Canva, and Photoshop

Send us a note via email at to apply.